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Our carefully selected powerful herbs and flowers blended together to detoxify your Yoni, leaving it fresh and revitalised. Yoni steaming is an ancient practise used for centuries, Yoni is Sanskrit For womb (lady parts).

Purchase your Yoni steam blend today and awaken your Inner Goodness.

It’s not recommend to steam if you’re pregnant (or might be), have an IUD or during menstruation.

All herbs are organic and natural

Benefits of Yoni steaming

  • Increase Fertility
  • Detox Entire Body Through Womb
  • Reduce Uterine Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Uterine Weakness, Uterine Prolapse & Endometrioses


*Additional benefits can be found in below table.

*Instructions come with your order and a free Palo Santo cleansing stick.


Balance Hormones


Correct Absent Menstruations


Treat Haemorrhoids


Reduces Menstrual Discomfort


Strengthen, Tighten & Tone Vaginal Walls


Reduce Vaginal Dryness


Regulate Menstrual Cycle



Heal Vaginal Tearing, Scarring From C-Sections & Episiotomies


Treat Post-Partum Conditions


Reduce Heavy Bleeding & Blood Clotting


Prevents Chronic Yeast & Vaginal Infections


Boost Low Libido

Maintain Healthy Odour

Align & Heal Post Birth


Release Emotional Pain, Trauma & Negative Energy Trapped in the Sacral & Root Chakras



Ingredients: Lavender, Rose Petals, Rose Buds, Marigold Calendula, Yarrow, Nettle, Strawberry Leaf, Wormwood, Basil, Chamomile, Lemon Grass… Some extra secret herbs that will remain secret with the creator at My Scared Gardens.

For any specific problems to be targeted please send us an enquiry and we will be happy to assist you.

Handmade With Love


“These statements have not been evaluated by the medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency (MHRA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”  If you have any concerns or if you’re suffering with major health problems, you must seek medical advice and consult your doctor, please check with a medical professional before using.

 Allergens: Attention customers with food allergies. Please be aware that our food products and handled in the same building and as such may come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish or wheat. The customer takes full responsibility if reactions occurs.

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2 reviews for Herbal Yoni Steam

  1. Sammi

    I’ve been doing a yoni steam since having my son and help with my healing as I was kiwi cut and the bleeding didn’t last very long after having him.

    • admin

      Glad to hear that Yoni Steaming is helping you heal following your birth, You’re amazing 🙂

      With Love

      My Sacred Gardens

  2. Gabriel (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing 👏 healed my womb

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