Our Story.

Do You Want to Attain the Ultimate Health Benefits?

We believe that the world requires healing, and it should be affordable, which is why our natural vegan products are easy-on-the-pocket. We intend to nurture and inspire natural wellbeing and bring positive transformation to your lifestyle through our exclusive collection.

At My Sacred Gardens, we’re driven by our passion for amplifying the positive effects in your body and mind.

Our product philosophy embodies the connection between a healthier mind and a powerful body. We promise to provide high-quality products and bring to you some of the most sacred herbs that our planet is blessed with.

We guarantee to take you on the road to wellness.

Our Mission.

We’re all about Health and Healing.

At My Sacred Gardens, we aim to help people target their health problems through natural plant-based medicines. Our herbal blends are derived from a range of Wildcrafted, Organic, and Natural Herbs, making them potent and highly effective.

Our goal is to enrich people’s lives by offering them natural and better alternatives to daily nuisances. Our relentless endeavour for perfection and your wellbeing make us an authentic and unswerving choice among our consumers. We ensure that our products are of high quality and the best in the market. If you’re seeking to enter wellness and naturally target your health problems, we’re for you!

Let us help you live your best life.


The brains behind My Sacred Gardens, Shannon Skehill, have built up extensive knowledge in the Herbal industry. Over the past ten years, health has become a major passion and part of her life. In 2018, she ventured on becoming a natural vegan chef, which enabled her to qualify and understand the functioning benefits of food and herbs. Learning and practising the fundamental science of the molecular structure of the body and organs allowed her to strengthen her learning in nutrition for everyday living. This led her to the creation of a sustainable natural vegan business to fulfil her purpose on the earth helping people

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